Korean fashion

South Korea has become the most followed country of the globe for the fashion industry. Seoul has become one of the fashion capital in the entire world & definitely of Asia. The reasons for the growth of Korean style can be found in four things: young designers, the Korean Wave, advanced shopping infrastructure and the diversity of the fashion industry.

Oversizing. From tops to coats, and pants to dresses, Yesss!!! Korean women love wearing clothes oversized enough to hide their forms and are a typical Korean style of clothing. They are especially a popular casual attire, existing even in the form of sweater dresses, and focused on utmost comfort.


Hanbok is very pretty, it’s often impractical to wear. It requires a long time to put on, is very heavy, and is also very large (the skirt is very poofy!). Modern hanbok seeks to change this by making the traditional outfit more realistic to wear in day to day situations.

Modern Hanbok is the traditional clothing that recently had a resurgence in popularity in South Korea. Anyone can wear it as long as you respect the culture and people. If you respect the history behind the garment, that’s not cultural appropriation. price ranges anywhere from 200,000-700,000 KRW (167.26-585.42 dollars). It depends on the materials and the shop.



it gives a very cute look as well as casual too and a very stunning look when wearing oversized.

Sometimes the best outfits are when opposites attract and there’s nothing cooler than pairing a chunky oversized knitted sweater with a mini skirt. Showing off your legs will also help balance the oversized slouchiness of a sweater.


The most popular streetwear styles in Korea are oversized shirts, baggy pants, and bucket hats. when you talk about South Korean street fashion, it’s easy to picture the stylish people of Seoul. They look effortlessly chic with their seemingly tailored pants, oversized cardigans, and fierce high-rise boots.

Kpop has gained tremendous popularity worldwide in the last few years, and this includes fashion as well. Idols have been known to wear a mix of styles, which often include Korean and Western streetwear brands. Because streetwear is typically made from materials like cotton and polyester blends, they are very comfortable and breathable, making them perfect for performing in.


Korea is a country with deep-rooted values. Crop tops are highly preferred by Gen Z or those born in 1997 and 2016. These people value their individuality looks. They also claim that crop tops can be worn alongside other garments such as baggy pants or joggers.

In addition, these short tops are also light on the skin when worn and make the legs look longer. Because of that, it is one of the favourite clothes of many Korean girls.


For people who wants to strike a style statement unmatched, these Korean floral dresses are bold enough to do. The Korean floral dress can make you look the brightest on your most ordinary days.

OH!! How could I forget to mention the role of k-pop artists and also tv dramas??

Fashion plays an integral role in many aspects of Korean cultures, such as in Korean popular music, also known as K-pop and tv dramas. This attention to fashion is evident in the outfits worn by artists, who are partnering up with major fashion houses to showcase their work. By investing heavily in K-Fashion, South Korea is able to develop the national brand image it portrays to the world and promote, along with the amalgamation of drama, music and beauty, that its nation is one of culture, creativity and forward-thinking. 

We created this post in order to show off some of the Korean fashion trends that you can actually expect to see in everyday life in the capital. Korea is a very trend heavy country, and once an outfit is picked up you can usually find it all over.